Pica d'Estats

Elevation (feet): 10,312
Elevation (meters): 3,143
Continent: Europe
Country: Spain
Range/Region: Pyrenees
Latitude: 42.6683
Longitude: 1.396551
Difficulty: Scramble
Best months for climbing: Jul
Nearest major airport: Barcelona
Convenient Center: Areu

Thanks to Jose Jurjo for adding this peak.

Pica d'Estats is the highest mountain in Catalonia. The "classical route" in summer offers a pleasant and beautiful ascent.

Additional text submitted by Marc Udina:

The climbing in Pica d'Estats is easy but very beautiful. It is the highest mountain in Catalonia. If you want to climb this peak you should follow this route:

DAY 1: Go +AMA-reu with car (It is a small town but there are hotels and food shops). After take a forest track until arrive in a refuge "Refugi de Vallferrera" (you can sleep there for 2000 pts.)

DAY 2: Wake up at 9:00 and take a way with good marks. After 3-4h you will arrive in a lake "Estany de Sotllo". There you can rest and plant the tent.

DAY 3: Wake up at 5:30. If you start the climb at 6:00 you will arrive in "Estany d'Estats" at 6:30. From there you can see the peak but it is still far... You must continue go up until arrive in "Coll de Sotllo; 2900m". After you should go for the crest (there are other way more easy but is so long...). The crest isn't hard but there are two straits some dangerous (level II+-). At 10:00 you will arrive in Peak Verdaguer (3112m.) and at 10:15 in PICA D'ESTATS! (3143m). There a foto and go down... (is better to go down for the easy way). At 14-15h you will arrive in the refuge.

Note: If you want more informacion buy Pica d'Estats map (ED. ALPINA); uf, que malament estic d'angl+AOg-s

Thanks to Jose Jurjo for this description.