Elevation (feet): 8,058
Elevation (meters): 2,456
Continent: Europe
Country: Greece
Range/Region: Greek-Albanian Ranges
Latitude: 35.2167
Longitude: 24.75
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Apr, May, Jun, Sep, Oct
Nearest major airport: Herakleion
Convenient Center: Herakleion

Thanks to Nikolas Kroupis for adding this peak.

Psiloreitis is the highest mountain of Crete. From it's peak, Timios Stavros, you can see many places of the island. The mountain has forest in low altitude only. There were more trees about a century ago.

On the plateau named Nida, there is a cave named 'Idion Andron'. In this cave, Goddess 'Rea' hid baby 'Zeus', her son, because God 'Saturn' wanted to kill it. God 'Saturn' was afraid of 'Zeus', taking his kingship.

The International path E4 crosses the mountain. The best path to reach the peak is from plateau Nida (1400m). First you must travel from Herakleion to Nida. In the middle of your journey you pass by the traditional village Anogia. If you reach Nida you have to follow the path to Timios Stavros. It will take you 5 hours to get there.

Thanks to Nikolas Kroupis for this description.