Devils Tower

Devils Tower Trip Report (#1740)

What an experience!!!! My friend and I were on a vacation in South Dakota and Wyoming and came upon Devils Tower. When we saw it, we immediately knew we had to climb it. Went to visitor's center and was referred to a guide named Frank Sanders.

Frank and his cohert Jean were excellent guides and were defenitely experienced in this rock climbing stuff. Once I met Frank, he was extremely hospitable and made 100% sure that we would enjoy our climb, and even better our stay at the Tower. We were offered everything from juice and coffee, to breakfast. We were even given ice cream, dinner, and even a place to stay after the climb was over. How many businesses take care of you after their business is over?!?!?!!

All in all a very enjoyable experience, and couldn't have chosen a better guide. I wish more people on this earth were as nice and friendly as Frank and Jean were... and if you've never climbed Devils Tower or are considering it .. GO FOR IT!!!! I never felt unsafe at ANY point!! The views of the surrounding landscapes and the climbing are defenitely worth it!!!

OK .. that's my 2 cents ... if this sounds like an advertisement for Frank and Jean ... maybe it is .. but I wasn't asked by them ... I would just like to see more businesses ran as well as theirs ... and don't want you to miss out on this excellent opportunity!!

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