Devils Tower

Devils Tower Trip Report (#1707)

The Tower is most impressive and mystical as you experiance climbing. There is a local guide that literally knows the Tower like the back of his hand, Frank Sanders and his assistant Gene. These two guys are safety concious along with being excellent climbers, no adreneline junkies. They can be reached at My son Keith and his friend Jared followed Gene up the traditional Durrance route, while Frank led the way for myself and Dr. Eva up the 5.9 "Walt Bailey". This is a couple pitch finger, & toe jam with a couple small bulges to negotiate, of which my rusty skills on the first maneuver afforded me the remembrance of what it is like to splat the rock and left my mark on the route. Once I realized this is not going to get me where I wanted to be, I became more focused and concentrated on the task of getting to the top. At the second belay point I was able to traverse over and observe Keith and Jared making their way up the Durrance route. From here it was pretty much Class 4 to the summit for us. As anyone that has been there knows the feeling at the summit. The area surronding the Tower is spiritual and relaxing as you soak in the beauty of the area. If you have'nt been go, there are like 200 routes on the Tower. And if you go be sure to look up Frank, he sits on 20 private acres at the base of the Tower, and if you forgot any equipment or want some info he will probably more than graciously help you out. Or do as we did and solicit his services to lead the route to the top.

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