Devils Tower

Devils Tower Trip Report (#1641)

  • Signed By: Bryce Morgan of Seattle, Wa, King
  • Date submitted: November 01, 2002

I had never rocked climbed a day in my life. In fact prior to going to Devils Tower I had never been able to understand the allure of rock climbing. After spending 1 day at the tower & walking the trails I decided I had to see what it looked like from the top. Thus I contacted Frank Sanders & his very capable guiding service.

My biggest mistake was not having even tried on the gear prior to the climb. This detracted from the beauty of the climb simply because I was terrified that IF I fell the gear might not "hold". But the thrill of summiting was indescibable. I think it is one of my proudest moments. My recommendation to other beginners is to make sure you are comfortable with the gear first, you will enjoy your climb much more.

At age 45 the climb was not all that difficult, I encourage others who want to start rock climbing to consider the tower but just make sure you are with experienced climbers. Thanks Jonathan & Jaap!

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