Devils Tower

Devils Tower Trip Report (#1636)

  • Signed By: Don Larson
  • Date submitted: November 01, 2002

My wife Susan and I had a memorable stay at Devils Tower Lodge from Friday to Monday, 7/19-22/02. We stayed in the former art studio with windows facing the Tower. Saturday was "play day" where I was introduced to various crack climbing techniques by Lorna and a visiting climber, Dan. On Sunday we began to climb the Durrance route when we were interrupted by a fierce lightning storm, and everyone quickly abandoned the Tower. Susan and I hiked the Red Rocks trail instead. On Monday morning at 4:30 my expert guide, Jonathan, and I began to climb. Avoiding a baby rattlesnake at the base we began the five-pitch route. The route featured narrow cracks, wide cracks and chimney cracks, and I jammed all available body parts into these apertures. I ended up again at the base at 9:30 with numberous cuts and bruises confirming my nickname "blood and guts Larson." I felt most elevated at the summit!!!! A true mountain high!!

My climbing career began three years ago at age 65. So summiting was very special and perhaps unexpected. Certainly Lorna's encouragement at play day, and Frank and Jon's insistence that I could do it help explain my success.

Frank and Lorna's place tops all B&Bs and the Tower tops all of my climbing experiences.

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