Devils Tower

Devils Tower Trip Report (#1628)

  • Signed By: Deb
  • Date submitted: November 01, 2002

My boss had a dream -- to climb Devils Tower. Only he wanted to bring the company so everyone could partake in "his" adventure! Not everyone was as excited as he was, and as time got closer to our departure date, June 2, 2002, some of us thought, "Let's get it over with!" Boy, were we wrong!

There were 8 of us, including myself, all who have not climbed before! All of us exceeded our own expectations -- once our Marketing Director saw the mountain, we couldn't contain her; she was ready and eager to go; our boss climbed to the "teacher's lounge" on his first attempt! Two from our group did summit the next day (June 4); the rest of us exceeded our goals with the wonderful guidance and encouragement from Frank Sanders, Yaap, Mike, Jonathan and Sara (she can cook a greaaaat breakfast before you climb!).

We are all still talking about our adventures at Devils Tower. Everyone we've talked to has stated what a great idea for a company to go on a "retreat" to stretch our physical and mental being beyond our expectations! I hope other businesses will consider this great adventure for their employees!

Again, thank you Frank for all your hospitality, encouragement and kindness. You will be well remembered by everyone in our office!

Always -- Spike

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