Devils Tower

Devils Tower Trip Report (#1620)

  • Signed By: Kate Comer
  • Date submitted: November 01, 2002

Marc and I have been back 5 days now...Saturday we were standing on top. wow... Language doesn't convey what I felt, but here's a few words that come close: peace . beauty . focus . timeless . wind . power . life . love . eternity . rock . strength . exhilaration . one . balance . flow .

Frank Sanders, the wonderful free spirit whose name is all over this log, led us up. He shared his home, his experience, his wisdom, and his passion for the Tower and life with us. Writing a check at the end seemed odd, because there was absolutely nothing commercial about him. I felt like I was climbing with a friend, not like I had hired a guide.

I made it up, I made it down, and most amazingly, I made it back to the parking lot without tripping. I'm still grinning, still a little sore, still carrying my rock from the top, and my knees are scabbing up nicely. My thesis seems pretty tame now. Life is good.

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