Devils Tower

Devils Tower Trip Report (#1608)

  • Signed By: Gregory Cox
  • Date submitted: November 01, 2002

Frank Sanders and I headed up McCarthy North Face, in a climb that kicked my butt, but it was awesome anyways. It is a hard route, I caught my cleaning tool on the overhang to start the hardest pitch, and then followed by falling a few times in the thin fingers. One foothold that looked solid, wasn't, sending a small piece of rock flying towards Johnny Walker, climbing below. When I got down, I was greeted by my parents and aunt, who stopped by, as they traveled out to Portland, OR to see my newborn, first nephew, Isaac Lee Motes. It was a great start to building a list tales for Isaac to hear from his Godfather. While I don't think it was my best day of climbing, the challenge is memorable, and it was great to see Frank work, in style. One of the many great experiences in a year of climbing great routes, like Dusk Over Dogtown, New Wave, El Mat, Broken Tree, Solar, Rangers, Billy Bear, Everlasting, Assembly Line, Durrance, etc., with great people like Frank, Gene, Chuck, Katie, Jaap, Matt Touchette, Sven Krebs, Chris Fuhrman, Jessie Clark, Soon-o Kwon, Brian Hatfield, Kris S., Chris Killinger, Jon Smith and others who brought me some much joy. I hope it will be repeated in the coming year!

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