Devils Tower

Devils Tower Trip Report (#1599)

In an Awesome year of climbing, with Wonderful Friends, Incredible Clients, and a few days out on my own, I have been Blessed with Topping the Tower, a few more than, 130 times. My HEARTFELT THANKS, for many many happy hours on this Tower rock, are to Gene Jose, Todd Z.,Ryan H., Chris E., Ranger Chuck, Ranger Brian, Greg Cox, Ranger Scott, Dennis,Terry Rypkema, Steve Gardiner, TheLastPioneerWoman,Ralph Turman, Christian B., LIANA, John C.,John W.,GREG THEMUSEUMMAN,Richard R., Sarah, BILL W.,Craig(young at 64) V, Dr. Bob,Lisa&Darla&Pam, Sean&Damon,DAWN, Mike&Darcy, DEE-DEE,Chris Underklinger, Scott H.,Pat&Kama,YAAP(the Flying Dutchman), Brent C., JESSICA D.(Thesweetestgirlintheworld), GlennJ., John T,Jim B., LIZ, Bob&Betty,Jeremiah,Ernie&Ethan&Jans, SUSAN, Fred&Ann, ANN & EVA,Mason&Luke,TheEnigman,Dicky F,JT Writer, Ted O, Basejumping Bill, Heather, Holly S., Hillary,Dr.JimtheRunner,Jim&Family,THE TEXAS BOYS,Sydne,Jay&Janet, Rich R.&C.Dub,the Entire Morrison Family,Bruce B,FancyNancy,Christine K,Ted,Joey G.,Ray C,Carl&Michelle,Dave&Roberta,John G.,THE STUBBLEFIELD FAMILY,Dave therinernationalmanofmystery, Dr Kathy C, BYRON & FAMILY,Tom&Cindy, CrazyBob,Chris&Kris&Chris,Josh&Scott, thosecrazyfrenchpeople,John&Rachael, The ROSEQUIST FAMILY,Daniele&Alex, Shawn&Becky&Chris,Iggy&Squiggy, Dean&Shawn&Dave&Bill,BUNNYJEAN,Jason&the Argonauts,Theresa&Mary&Aruna,Chris&Paris,Dr Ginger,RICK (threeinaday) F, Counselor Pizzi, Nurse Kathy,Earl R, Dr Roy, The Joja Boys,Counselor Alex,Matt&Dave,John&Travis,Ted&Dave,Harvey&Megan,Kate&Marc,Father/Son Lamberts,Gretchen,Chris F, LORNA AWESOME, Nurse Stephanie, Kim&Bradly&Pete&Lau,ALASKAN MARCEL,John&Chris&Jake&Cody&Ryan, Jason, Dan&Tricia Roadwarriors,Don&Family,JEFF W.(thegoldengateman), Tom & Aurora, Those Crazy Czechs Martin & Stanley AND Rachael!!!!

You all, are the SUNSHINE OF MY LIFE!!! May we climb together again, some more.....

BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO LIVE OUT THEIR DREAMS.......Frank Sanders, Devils Tower Lodge.

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