Devils Tower

Devils Tower Trip Report (#1595)

My son's account (Dan, below) nicely indicates our rewarding and memorable climb on July 26. Despite the cryptic (?) comments listed (twice ?) below Dan's entry, I would definitely agree that if you're planning to climb Devils Tower, consider Frank Sanders of Devils Tower Lodge to guide you to the summit. (Maybe there's a REASON he's mentioned so often as THE choice if you desire experience, safety, AND success!) Though Dan didn't dwell on it, I must inform you that he's "hearing impaired" (recently received a "cochlear implant"), and though we don't view that as a "handicap" (he HATES that word!), when you consider how much one depends upon verbal communication in technical climbing, it's definitely something to be concerned about.

When I tentatively planned this trip in March I asked Frank about the feasibility of doing it with a hearing impaired climber. He never hesitated in firmly assuring me it was doable, and SAFE! As Dan's entry quite thoroughly explained, our ascent was successful and enjoyable!

For Frank, guiding a hearing impaired client was a first........yet with his special style, captivating personality, and firm support he made it seem nothing but routine.

Thanks, Frank Sanders, for helping us experience firsthand the truth behind your motto: "Blessed are those who live out their dreams...."

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