Devils Tower

Devils Tower Trip Report (#1593)

  • Signed By: Roy Lenzo
  • Date submitted: November 01, 2002

This note is in response to criticism written by someone named "Common Sense". The person responding to my note obviously was not on the tower that day and apparently has a personal ax to grind.

The day was clear as we started up the tower. The forcast was for fine weather. I was slow, but not the slowest on the tower that day. We summited as some light clouds moved in. A barely perceptable drizzle began and we headed down. We rappelled as quickly as safety permitted, especially once the thunder began.

This was not the type of thunderstorm that you can see coming from miles away. This one appeared to form fairly close to the tower. Stupid would be to rappel off the end of your rope trying to get down. We rappelled down in a safe, orderly and rapid manner.

Unlike "Common Sense" I was quite impressed by my guides. As soon as danger was evident they moved in a deliberate and professional manner to get themselves and their client down. There were a couple other parties on our side of the mountain at the same time; we were on the ground as quickly as any of the others, even one group that had not summited.

I was the client that day, no one else. I was in the best position to evaluate the guiding experience that I had. At no time did I ever feel unsafe. To be sure, I was glad to be down, but I was glad for the professionalism shown in getting me down.

I have had several guides on several different mountains in several different countries. I would say that Frank and his assistant John are among the best I have met. I am eagerly anticipating my next chance to climb with them.

If anyone is the slightest concerned, I invite them to call or e-mail me for more information. My e-mail is and my phone is (828)369-2860 In addition, much of the climb was filmed and a copy is available upon request.

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