Devils Tower

Devils Tower Trip Report (#1586)

  • Signed By: Ben McGill
  • Date submitted: November 01, 2002

This past summer my girlfriend Eleni and I spent three days climbing at Devil's tower. The Tower is an amazing place to be. Part of me just wants to sit there and look at it, the other part wants to climb it. Its majestical, surreal, powerful, enchanting...

We had the good luck to pick Devil's Tower Lodge to stay. The lodge is run by Frank and Lorna - wonderful and generous people. They also guide on the tower and we did some great climbing with them. After a day warming up and getting used to rock out there I summitted via El Crack Diablo (5.8), and that same say also climbed an adjascent route (5.9). The next day I climbed several classics on the West face with Frank. Frank was leading so I was able to work on climbs that were at the edge of my ability. We climbed the first pitches of Man Without a Planet (5.9+), Loss of Enthusiasm (5.11a), El Matador (5.8+), Tulgey Wood (5.10a), and A Bridge Too Far (5.11d).

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