Devils Tower

Devils Tower Trip Report (#1580)

I went to the tower for a week in August for a five day intensive tour of the tower with Frank Sanders. I stayed at the lodge with Frank, Lorna, and Jaap. I had a wonderful time and enjoyed the time climbing and talking very much. It was indeed an intensive five days (actually turned out to be six) of 8-10 hours of climbing a day. We climbed (led, followed or top-roped) 6 or more climbs per day most in the 5.10 range and a few at 5.11. My purpose in coming was to gain experience in crack climbing and Frank was able to help me with thisvery much. Some of my favorite climbs included soler, new wave , carol's crack, assembly line, and california dreaming. Frank also introduced me to aid climbing, which was a lot of fun (probably more so for me than for the belayer). I have been climbing for five years aand consider myself very safe/competent. I found Frank and Jaap to be both safe, concerned, and very good teachers as well as good company. I look forward to returning to the Tower.

Paul Slattum

Madison Wisconsin

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