Devils Tower

Devils Tower Trip Report (#1538)

  • Signed By: john walker
  • Date submitted: January 12, 2003

Stayed the night at Devils Tower lodge with Frank and Lorna on the 6th of january. Climbed to the top on the Durrance route free solo on the morning of the 7th. My first time soloing on the tower. After that I climbed Fritz's Fantasy with ranger Bill, his lead. pleasure to watch the man who wears a pickle suit on site this fine bolted coulmn. today Frank and I climbed: El Cracko Diablo to the summitt, Tad to the summit, Solar and Bonne Homme. a truly great day of climbing at the Tower. Believe it or not the temperature was 45-50 all day, without wind. Yes, hard to believe but no wind, at all, the entire day. It was a pleasure to the very end. I trust all who read this will share in my joy and excitement concerning the days events. Come to the Tower as soon as you can, it is the best all around climbing area I have ever vistited.

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