Devils Tower

Devils Tower Trip Report (#1509)

during the summer of 2003 i had the wonderful chance to spend the summer as an "intern" at devil's tower lodge, a b&b program run by Frank Sanders. aside from his budding b&b, Frank runs a climbing guide service, and the previous summer i had employed his services to ascend the tower via the classic durrance route. in addition to helping instruct nascent climbers and folding sheets, i had the awesome opportunity to climb the Tower with many different people from all walks of life, from every place imaginable. as the summer progressed and i summited from every side of the Tower, pushed my seconding ability from sevens to hard elevens/easy twelves (el matador, learned to place and lead on trad gear,and push my newfound leading skills to eights in a short week, i began to realize how lucky i was to be at the Tower and be able to spend the summer there as a 15 year old. the Tower is a remarkable place, and far too few people are to expirience it's awesome majesty by climbing it. additionally there is a kind of peace whcih surrounds the area, a quiet i can find nowhere else. much like anywhere else, the rest of the world slips away into a void once you touch the rock, but at the Tower it is something more. perhaps it is the people surrounding it, perhaps the history of place, perhaps the rock itself, but whatever the reason, the Tower will always have a special place in my heart, the place where i first truly was able to find peace and quiet my mind, allowing me to pour myself into my climbing. (i would like to thank Frank for such a wonderful opportunity and reccommend him to anyone wishing to climb the Tower, expirienced or not, those merely looking for a place to crash or those who want a seasoned guide with decades of climbing at the Tower under his belt)

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