Devils Tower

Devils Tower Trip Report (#1503)

  • Signed By: Buzz Kemper
  • Date submitted: September 30, 2004

On the way back from a climbing/hiking trip to Utah in 1999, I and my buddy Scott drove along I-90 on the numbingly long drive back to Wisconsin. When we caught a glimpse of Devils Tower in the misty distance, we both lit up: we had to climb that beautiful rock. Plans were made and--thanks to a nice gig that Scott picked up--were unmade. I climbed Durrance in 2000, and it was great, but it didn't fit the dream without Scott there. Well, four years later Scott, along with our friend Tom and I, made it. This time we wanted a harder route, but we wanted to be safe too. So I made a decision that turned out to be the best one I could make: I called Frank Sanders and asked him to guide us. We all did El Cracko Diablo, and Scott overacheived by doing Soler and Walt Bailey as well. It was a grand time, made possible by our cameraderie, and by the wonderous enthusiasm and confidence-building professionalism of Frank Sanders and Johnny Walker. It's a trip I will cherish forever, and I shared it with my old friends Scott and Tom, as well as making some new ones too. If you want someone who will approach the rock with the same wide-eyed awe that you'll have, call Frank. Climb responsibly, safely, and with all the respect nature deserves. Have at it! -Buzz Kemper

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