Devils Tower

Devils Tower Trip Report (#1497)

  • Signed By: Tim Greene
  • Date submitted: October 20, 2004

Frank Sanders (of 'Devils Tower Lodge') gave me the gift of helping me to realize my dream.

I had been critically injured in a climbing accident in 93, and after 11 years, finally began climbing again in April of 2004... I began my re-entry at Seneca, with a feeling that I would never be able to climb anything beyond .8's with an occassional .9 mixed in just for the effort and subsequent fall.

After making arrangements w/ Frank early in the summer, I trained my ass off, and actually began trad leading everything I climbed, in order to get the edge back that I felt I needed (and had lost 11 years earlier). Even if climbing DT hadn't panned out due to weather or some other unforseen reason, Frank had already given me several months of support that I needed, to get back in the saddle. I wasn't simply following, I was leading... and over a 4 month time frame, I was solidly leading 5.8's!

Frank didn't let me lead on the Tower, because I'm not used to sustained cracks. He did however make me pull hard, damn hard in fact!!! We summitted 'El Cracko' on 8-28-04 and climbed several other routes on 8-27 & 8-28. The routes included 'A Bridge To Far', the 1st pitch of Soler (I wimped out on the 2nd pitch) and New Wave, to name a few.

Frank not only helped me to regain my mental balance over the preceeding months, but he helped me to acheive a lifelong dream, and then pushed me far beyond the limits that I had errantly created for myself.

God Bless You Frank Sanders!

Tim & Cathy Greene 346 North Kentucky St Camp Point, IL 62320 217-257-2415

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