Elevation (feet): 15,121
Elevation (meters): 4,609
Continent: Europe
Country: Switzerland/Italy
Range/Region: Pennine Alps
Latitude: 45.942042
Longitude: 7.870045
Difficulty: Basic Snow/Ice Climb
Best months for climbing: Jul, Aug, Sep
Year first climbed: 1861
First successful climber(s): E. Buxton, T.F. Buxton, J.J. Conwell, Guide Michel Payot and Binder
Nearest major airport: Geneva
Convenient Center: Zermatt

Thanks to Lin Piao and Bernd Ne and Marshall Hall for contributing to these details. (View history)

Nordend is the northmost peak of the Monte Rosa massif. It is the third highest peak in Europe, excluding the Caucasus. The ascent is 6-8 hours from the Monte Rosa hut. Most of the time is on glacier. The last part includes some modest climbing - 2+ - with some exposed parts.

Thanks to Lin Piao and Bernd Ne for this description.