Elevation (feet): 14,088
Elevation (meters): 4,294
Continent: Europe
Country: Switzerland
Range/Region: Pennine Alps
Latitude: 46.104639
Longitude: 7.868444
Nearest major airport: Geneva, Milano
Convenient Center: Saas Fee, Randa, T?sch

Thanks to Frank Verwijs and Terrill Thompson for contributing to these details. (View history)

Lenzspitze is the lowest summit of the
five main peaks of the Mischabel-group, the others being T?schorn,
Dom, Lenzspitze, and Nadelhorn. The climb is mostly done from the east, over the Hohbalmglacier- plateau, and then the north-east face; Not very steep ice-climbing (40 degrees).

When climbed from the east the usual starting point is at Saas-Fee(1800m), and you can stay the night at The Mischabel-cabin (3329). For good snow/ice conditions it is recommended to start early. When climbed from the west you can start at Randa, and spend the night at the Domh¸tte(2940); Qualified guides are available at Bergsteigerschule Weissmies, 3910
Saas-Grund (can be found on the Internet).

Thanks to Frank Verwijs for this description.