Elevation (feet): 19,872
Elevation (meters): 6,057
Continent: South America
Country: Peru
Range/Region: Peruvian Andes
Latitude: -16.191
Longitude: -71.53
Difficulty: Basic Snow/Ice Climb
Best months for climbing: Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
Nearest major airport: Arequipa
Convenient Center: Arequipa

Thanks to Tom Hartley for adding this peak.

Nevado Chachani is the highest of the volcanoes near the city of Arequipa in southern Peru.

Acclimatization of a week or so is required in Arequipa (2400m), or higher, in places nearby such as the Colca Canyon, Cusco, or Lake Titicaca (3000-3800m).

It is possible to hire guides, equipment, and 4x4s in Arequipa, for around 60-70 US dollars pp, everything apart from food included. One can drive to around 4700m and then camp at 5200m up an obvious trail. Six or more hours are required to get to the summit from this camp and crampons and ice axes are certainly required, the ice being quite difficult to negotiate especially on the long 600m ascent of Fatima (5900m) , a precursor of the summit proper.

The summit itself stands at 6057m and superb views of El Misti, slightly below 6000m, and other volcanoes in towards the Colca Canyon, are likely in the dry, arid region of Peru. It is possible to see the Pacific Ocean on clear days, especially early on.

Thanks to Tom Hartley for this description.