Golem Korab

Elevation (feet): 9,068
Elevation (meters): 2,764
Continent: Europe
Country: Macedonia/Albania
Range/Region: Greek-Albanian Ranges
Latitude: 41.790278
Longitude: 20.546667
Best months for climbing: Jul, Aug
Nearest major airport: Skopje
Convenient Center: Debar, Gostivar

Thanks to Ivan Trpkov for adding this peak.

Korab is highest peak in Macedonia and Albania. There are 52 peaks over 2000 meters in this region with the same name. This mountain has beautiful alpine relief, many glacial lakes, forests and rivers. It is near Bistra ski-center and Mavrovo Lake. From peak Korab extend magnificent views over the mountains of Macedonia.

Thanks to Ivan Trpkov for this description.