Monte Gaviola

Elevation (feet): 9,925
Elevation (meters): 3,025
Continent: Europe
Country: Italy
Range/Region: Ortler Alps
Latitude: 46.334147
Longitude: 10.498268
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec
Nearest major airport: Milan
Convenient Center: S. Caterina Valfurva

Thanks to J. Vranjes for adding this peak.

Monte Gaviola (3025 m) raises above the Gavia pass (2621 m) and Rif. Boneta at the south east side. This is one of the easiest 3000 meters peaks. It can be climbed in one hour from the pass. The pass is always in sight and the direction is obvious. The lower part of the route follows the military path from WWI. No special equipment is needed. In summer time some care is needed at a few places with snow fields. There is a wooden cross on the summit and a table with the height number. It offers a great view of the route to its first neighbor Corno dei Tre Signori. There is a nice access road from Santa Caterina, the other from Ponte di Legno is very narrow and not suitable for large vehicles.

Thanks to J. Vranjes for this description.