Elevation (feet): 18,871
Elevation (meters): 5,752
Continent: South America
Country: Peru
Range/Region: Peruvian Andes
Difficulty: Basic Snow/Ice Climb
Best months for climbing: May, Jun, Jul, Aug
Nearest major airport: Lima
Convenient Center: Huaraz

Thanks to Mitja Zabukovec for adding this peak.

One of the easiest mountains in the range, usually used for acclimatization before climbing one of the 6000 meter peaks in Cordillera Blanca. Normal route is easy, trip Huaraz-Top of the Pisco-Huaraz takes 3 days.Fairly spectacular pyramidal peak, set right in the heart of the cordillera Blanca. The climb is almost entirely of snow after the first half hour. Reaching the summit on slopes of varying degrees, culminating in a tricky final ascent of a snow mushroom.

Thanks to Mitja Zabukovec for this description.