Mount Torre

Elevation (feet): 12,631
Elevation (meters): 3,850
Continent: South America
Country: Ecuador
Range/Region: Ecuador Andes
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Mar, Apr, May
First successful climber(s): unkown
Nearest major airport: Quito
Convenient Center: Riobamba

Thanks to eamonn devine for adding this peak.

Part of a number of high, but relativley easily reached peaks that form a ridge between two valleys, one to the south, with a small village called Alao and to the north another valley. Recommended as a warm up if new to altitude or as a time filler en-route to the Sangay National Park, if you have a spare 3hrs and fancy a great view of Chimborazo to the west (the highest Mt in Ecuador, and furthest point from the centre of the earth) then this is a relativley pleasant and rewarding climb....great views. The peak is made up of three small seperate summits. Standing on the centre peak to the west is the first peak, slightly lower offering a better view of Alao and to the east, some 40-50 meters in the third peak, highest of the three, steep and requireing hands to climb. it is also the rockiest peak, the others are covered by clumps of mountain grass. on the north side just over the peak the locals seem to tend to graze Alpacas and Llamas. quickest way down the mountain: roll, you obviously get very dizzy, but the thick mountain grass cushions you suffiently. Beware of the man sized holes however as my friend found out as he altogether disappeard from view through the thick mountain grass. At the base of the slope feel free to walk up the trenches dug by the locals between their fields then forge your own way when these run out. i recommend the chanel running to the right of the middle peak.

Thanks to eamonn devine for this description.