Nevado Jacha Huaracha

Elevation (feet): 18,176
Elevation (meters): 5,540
Continent: South America
Country: Bolivia
Range/Region: Bolivian Andes
Latitude: -14.87
Longitude: -69.122801
Difficulty: Technical Climb
Best months for climbing: Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
Year first climbed: 2001
First successful climber(s): Olof Dallner, Michael Wahlin
Nearest major airport: La Paz
Convenient Center: La Paz

Thanks to Michael Wahlin and Terrill Thompson for contributing to these details. (View history)

Location: north-west of Cololo in Cordillera Apolobamba. Marked as point 5527 on the Hudson Map. There are 2 summits on the ridge: one flat to the right, and one sharp to the left. Jacha Huaracha is the left sharp summit.

Thanks to Michael Wahlin for this description.