Elevation (feet): 10,817
Elevation (meters): 3,297
Continent: Europe
Country: Italy
Range/Region: Maritime Alps
Latitude: 44.1667
Longitude: 7.3
Difficulty: Scramble
Best months for climbing: Jul, Aug, Sep
Year first climbed: 1879
First successful climber(s): William Coolidge, Christian Almer
Nearest major airport: Turin or Genoa, Italy, Nice, France
Convenient Center: Valdieri, Italy

Argentera is the highest mountain in the Maritime Alps. Argentera is located just thirty miles from the Mediterranean Sea, and is the farthest south of the 3,000-meter Alpine peaks. The mountain is located within Italy's Natural Park of the Argentera, which meets the National Park of Mercantour at the French border. The Argentera massif dominates both parks, its solid rock peak rising above glaciers, lakes and surrounding forests