Mt. Hagen

Elevation (feet): 12,434
Elevation (meters): 3,790
Continent: Australia/Oceania
Country: Papua New Guinea
Latitude: -5.66667
Longitude: 144
Difficulty: Walk up
Year first climbed: ??
First successful climber(s): ??
Nearest major airport: Kagamuga (Mt.Hagen)
Convenient Center: Mt.Hagen City

Thanks to Michael Bates for adding this peak.

It is part of the Hagen Range. There are good views of the Whagi Vally, Mt.Hagen City and the Wapenamunda Valley. As with most mountains in PNG the view is spectacular. The easiest way to get there is to go to Mt.Hagen City and head out on the highlands highway in the direction of the Tomba Gap. The best place is to walk up from the Tomba village. People there know how to get to the summit. For strong walkers it is a single day walk. But for less experienced a night is necessary. Guides are an utter necessisty. It is a fantastic mountain and a spectacular view is promised. It is climbed by very few people.

Thanks to Michael Bates for this description.